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So who are we and what makes us tick?

It's a daunting task to communicate in print all that we are and how we approach our craft. Here you'll learn a lot about us and hopefully understand our commitment.

Our Motto: No Job Too Small, No Challenge Too Great!

At A-1 Electric Co., Inc., we focus on helping our customers and making their lives easier. We're best known for doing the small electrical jobs needed in existing homes and small businesses. We are very good at working with their specialized needs and requirements. Our belief is that you cannot excel at all things. We do not work in factories, industrial buildings or large businesses. We do not build new homes or offices but we do work in small renovations and additions. By working directly with the people most affected by the work, we can be more helpful. 

We like the feedback we get from customers. It's what makes the work so enjoyable. We constantly hear phrases like: "The electricians were so nice!", "They knew exactly what they were doing", "They cleaned up everything and locked the house when they left." We like hearing that.

But, if you don't like something, we want to hear about that too. We want to know if there's something we can do to make it right. Nobody's perfect but we keep our high standards by foreseeing and facing problems rather than ignoring them.

Our philosophies:

Treat customers like good neighbors you want to help and keep. "Can we talk?"
  • We ask a lot of questions. By discussing and understanding your situation and needs, we can better provide solutions. You may be unsure as to what you need or want. We can make suggestions and review alternatives.
Treat fellow employees like partners working with the same goals.
  • We believe people work better when they enjoy what they do and are appreciated. We try to provide an enjoyable work environment. We thrive on positive customer feedback. Customer satisfaction makes for job satisfaction. Job satisfaction makes for less stress, both during and after work hours. Less stress makes for better motivated people.

Our Goal:

Provide consistently high levels of service to satisfy and exceed what our customers expect. We're very proud of our reputation among our customers. There are several aspects:
  • Solve problems over the telephone (or e-mail) Yes, we can do a lot without a house call. If we solve your problem by telephone (at no charge), you save money and we save time. Everyone's happy.
  • Be reliable in timing, results and cost;
    • If you've left a message, we'll return your call. If we need to get more information and then call again, we do that. Quite honestly, one of the hardest jobs we have is staying current with telephone messages. It's hard but we know it must be done. E-mail may help some people. If that's easier for you, send us a note.  We consider returning calls a simple courtesy. We know peak periods such as Mondays will slow our return process but it's part of our job.
    • We have special custom computer software: We designed it to help us be reliable and prompt in our scheduling and our work.  We've never seen an alternative that has the focus of meeting the needs of our customers.  We constantly make improvements to better support our services.
    • Estimates:
      • We track our estimates and results for accuracy and consistency.
      • Telephone estimates are possible due to our experience.
      • On-site reviews whenever necessary.
  • Do what others think impossible, e.g. adding recessed lights without needing to patch holes or paint.
  • Stay up to date with seminars in lighting design, products, data communications, electric code changes. If we need more information, we don't hesitate to contact manufacturers, technical staffs, etc..
  • Be responsive and flexible to schedules and requirements. When do you leave in the morning, when do you get home? When are you typically home? Do you have a day off coming up?
  • Be creative.
  • Think, think, think: is there another way, is it better?
  • Maintain cleanliness in work, appearance. Yes, we even clean glass on fixtures (and sometimes windows!)
  • Keep records and notes of our work for future reference
  • Be prepared for up-coming needs and technology. If it takes a lot of work to run one circuit, perhaps add a second at little additional cost. Are we adding 1 telephone line, should it be able to handle more?
  • Well qualified, personable workers: We're invited guests in your home or office:
  • Attitude: We should be personable while still getting the job done. You deserve our attention and respect.
  • Aptitude: We share information that can be helpful. Our depth of knowledge can help you further. We all have talents other than simply electrical work. And if desired, we can refer you to other people in other trades as well.

Our measures of success:

  • We receive many written and verbal compliments for our work..
  • Commendations for all the workers and office support.
  • 70% of our work is for repeat customers.
  • 20% of our work come from referrals by our customers.
  • Customers refer us to friends, co-workers and family.
  • When customers move, not only do they call us to work at their new house but they also recommend us to the people who bought their old house.
  • 5-star ratings on Google, Yahoo, SuperMedia, Judysbook, 'Ang* List' and many other sites.
  • Recommended in Home Decorating and Contracting (for several counties)

Why we may be different:

We are all individuals with different backgrounds and skills. We try hard to share our capabilities in order to do the job well and efficiently. Here's some background on the people on the job and behind the scenes:
Paul Paul Hampton started doing electrical work as a summer job while going to college. He left the corporate world to do what he likes most: solving problems, getting the job done and feedback from customers. He also studied and worked in France. He and Tama have 4 children.  He's a Certified Renovator and has been an officer in many associations and groups where organizational skills are so important.
Tama      Tama Hampton is a  Speech & Language Therapist by training, and still works with preschool children, including the deaf. She's learned a lot about electricity and problem solving over the years. She divides her time between the family and raising 4 children, A-1 Electric and community work. She and Paul first met in France during college.

     Cyndy Reames manages the desk works to get us doing the right thing at the right place at the right time.   She answers calls, helps customers understand what they need and want.  Then she handles the estimates and schedules the work.  She has many answers, and if she doesn't have it, she'll get it.  She's a natural with customers; in fact, she was a customer before she came to work at A-1.  Originally from Portland, she's been in the area since 1990.
Paul V       Paul Vinci has an overall 'tackle-it-and-solve-it' attitude. With us since 1995, he gets the kinds of challenges he enjoys handling tricky installations and problem solving.  He's also an accomplished auto mechanic and computer tech. Before joining us, he had worked in a lighting store handling much of their in-house needs.
     Greg Romond started with us working as a summer job while attending college. It's been over 10 years now and he's become an important part of  A-1. His work ethic and rapport with customers has created many happy customers.  We've enjoyed watching his skills and knowledge grow as he helps us and customers.
Jason      Jason Auriema first started doing electrical work for a relative's company. He developed a lot of experience addressing customer needs, especially with  automatic generators.  His focus and eagerness to provide the best solution is always evident.