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Photos of Work

We've taken some pictures of us working on some jobs, and the results.  When you enter a section, click on the smaller image to see the full view.


 Recessed lights     The more challenging jobs are when we have bedrooms or living space above where we're adding lights.  The trick is to do it so there's no need for patching or painting.  That alone can save a lot of hassle and money.   If ever we have to make a hole (they'd be small), we'll let you know ahead of time.  (And we do the patching.)
Recessed lights.

Track lights.  We don't usually recommend track lights since we think they intrude on the living space.  But here are some photos to show you what we mean.  (We can replace track lights with recessed lights.)

LED lighting

LED lights   These lights are on a black marble step. You'll see the blue LED lights reflected in the floor.

Roof fans 

Roof fan   Just what do we do?   We cut a hole in the roof and install the fan as though it was a roof shingle.

Ceiling fans:  

Ceiling fan    Usually these are pretty straight-forward but we've had some tricky ones.  How about one where it's a tongue and groove wooden cathedral ceiling with just roof on the other side.   Others said they'd need to do surface wiring.  Not us.