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Emergency Service

"Now would be a good time."

How do we help if you have an urgent need and we're on the phone or it's after hours?
  • When you call, we'll go through your situation to see if it's something simple that you can do or check yourself. Resetting circuit breakers and GFCI outlets are a common solution.
  • If we don't answer the call, our smart telephone system allows you to press '9' for emergency calls.
    • First, your call gets forward to my cell phone. If I can answer (my hands are not full and I'm not on a ladder) I'll be able to talk to you.
    • If I can't answer, you can leave a message and two things happen: I get a text of your message and both Cyndy and I get an email with your message
  • Don't forget: many power problems can be resolved using the tips in our Helpful Hints page. Check out the 'No power' and 'Power problem' sections