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Free Estimates and Professional Evaluations

Free Estimates and Professional Evaluations.

Free Estimates are to help you decide and budget for a job.
Often, we can give you an estimate by phone or email for faster and easier service. This can avoid the difficulting of coordinating schedules. Working in existing homes is our specialty so we know what to check and ask for. If it's needed, we'll schedule an appointment to visit your home and review the situation. (We'll confirm the night before and call/text you to let you know we're on our way. We'll ask for your home, cell and work telephone numbers.)

Professional Evaluations are provided when you need official paperwork for a house closing or insurance matter.
This involves more specific details, descriptions/explanations for the issue. The documentation requires not only the on-site investigation but can also involve more research and documentation. We don't know what we'll encounter and we are not expecting to be doing work as a result of the evaluation.