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For most work, we can give you prices over the phone (and email). Since we specialize in working in homes, we have a lot of experience.
You are entitled to be informed about work, prices, schedules, etc. We'll tell you.

We ask a lot of questions both on the phone and in person. The information you provide will help us prepare for your work and understand your needs. We can offer alternatives and discuss the pros and cons.

Most estimates can be provided beforehand by discussing your situation on the phone. We can then send an email with the details. If necessary, they can be confirmed before starting the work.

And here's a plus: We can solve some 'urgent' electrical problems by telephone (or e-mail). By saving you time and money, we save time and can maintain our schedules with customers. Also, check out the Helpful Hints section of our web site for problem solving tips and other useful information. (If you think we should add another topic, let us know.)

We do not require immediate payment when the work is complete, we email you the bill (or regular mail if you want). This provides several benefits:
  • No need to write a check or leave a check behind if not home;
  • You have the opportunity to check and verify our work and cleanliness;
  • On the bill, we can provide written notes and estimates for future reference;
  • Invoices are usually e-mailed;
  • This also shows our confidence in our work and ability to satisfy the customer. And it is evidence of our relationship of trust with the customer. We have long term relationships with our customers.
We do not exceed our estimates. We are very good at our estimates. Two things can add to a bill: 1.) additional items that you may add, or: 2.) unsafe wiring that should be corrected. In either case, we'll be speaking to you about it to get your approval. If the work goes better than expected, the bill will be less! Since we always have other customers to see, we don't need to create unnecessary work to fill the day.

Guarantees. A guarantee is only as good as the people behind it. We take pride in our work and expect it to work a long time. We even extend a product guarantee since we expect quality products to last also. If there's a problem within a year, people expect a guarantee, but after that? We've surprised many people by saying "the dimmer (timer, etc.) should have lasted longer - no charge!"