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We're here to help and an important part is answering your call.

  • Here's a novel idea: You'll notice that we don't put you on hold to answer another call. You have our undivided attention.
  • That also means if we're already on the phone with someone when you call, you may get our machine (not a out-sourced receptionist).
  • We know you've called, and we get an alert and a message even while we're still on the phone.
  • Emergency calls can be specially routed directly to us, even if no one is at the desk.
  • We log all our calls with your information. If you do have to leave a message, let us know the best time to call and give both home and cell numbers.
  • It's also a good idea give your email address and address. We use email to send appointment confirmations and other informatiaon.
  • From the days of expensive phone call costs, we have phone numbers in different areas but they all reach us the same way.

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