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Tesla Power - Your options

Charging your car 

  • Your electric charge rate depends on the charger on your car and the house power set-up.

  • Wall Connector or simple 50 amp outlet power, your Tesla equipment costs the same.

    • The Wall Connector comes with a 24' cord for $550. In costs the same to get just a separate cable (Mobile Connector Bundle).
    • The Wall Connector allows a faster charge rate.
  • Be sure to get the 24' cord option with the Wall Connector, the 8' cord is too short (and only saves $50).

  • The chart below gives you an idea of how fast you can charge your car. It based on the charger in the car and the household power connected in your garage.

Charge rate= miles per hour of charge


What you chose when ordering your carWhat we'll be installing:Model S Model X
Built-in Car chargerHouse powercharge ratecharge rate
Typical 120 volt outlet33
Dedicated 20 amp  outlet44
Standard charger 50 amp outlet (40 amp use)29 25
Standard chargerWall Connector
(60/48 amp max setting)
High Capacity charger50 amp outlet (40 amp use)3025
High Capacity charger
Wall Connector
(90/72 amp max setting)

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