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Grounded Outlets

Grounded outlets

Grounded outlets have the '3rd hole' for the ground wire connection. Most electrical work after 1960 or so have grounded outlets. A few things to note:

  • Grounded outlets have the 3rd hole below (usually) the 2 straight vertical prongs;

  • Sometimes, people replaced ungrounded outlets with grounded outlets without connecting the ground wire. This means that older homes may appear to have a grounded outlet that in fact is not grounded.

  • Most homes, even if they do not have grounded outlets have grounded wiring in the house. This makes the installation of grounded outlets a simple operation.

  • The lack of grounded wiring can be made safer by installing GFI outlets. (Refer to the article on GFI outlets since they also can be installed backward and not provide their special protection.)

  • Many new items with a grounded plug may also require a new, separate circuit. For example, tread-mills, air conditioners, microwave ovens and generally appliances that generate heat or cold need a lot of power. It may be more than your circuit can handle.