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Cutler Hammer Devices

Generator / Transfer Switch Operation 
   Cutler Hammer Type

There are 3 basic steps. The process is the same, whether for test purposes or for actual power failures.

1. Get the generator started without any electrical load.
  1. If necessary, move generator to proper location for operation. (Remove any coverings.)
  2. Connect safety ground wire between ground rod and generator.
  3. Check oil level.  (Low oil level will cause sensor to prevent generator from running.)
  4. For gasoline models, fill tank with gasoline.  Wipe off any spillage.
  5. Plug twist-lock extension cord into generator and weatherproof outlet box.  They only need a small turn (clockwise to lock.)
  6. Pull choke lever for initial start-up.
  7. For electric start: Turn key if it is a key start, or turn the manual switch to [On] and push the [Start] button.
  8. Otherwise, pull cord to start engine.  Be sure switch is [On].
  9. Once motor is started, push choke lever back in to normal position.
  10. Allow motor to run for 5 minutes or so to warm up.  Idle control should be [On].

2. At the Transfer Switch by the circuit breaker box, switch circuits over from the utility feed to the generator feed.
  1. Shut-off double 60 amp breaker (this disconnects utility power from the panel).
  2. Slide bar across to block the 60 amp breaker and turn on the double 30 amp breaker (this connects the generator power to the sub-panel.)
  3. Monitor the load meters on the sub-panel to see how much power is being used.  Each meter should not exceed ½ the rated (running or constant) rating of the generator.  The 2 meters do not have to register identical amounts.
  4. If the load meters show too much power being used for the generator, or to prevent items from being powered, shut off individual circuit breakers.

3. When finished with the test, or utility power is back on:
  1. Shut-off double 30 breaker, slide bar to block the 30 amp breaker and turn on the double 60 amp breaker.  All other breakers should be on.
  2. Turn off generator.
  3. Unplug the twist-lock extension cord. .
  4. Disconnect ground wire at generator.
  5. Allow the unit to cool completely before storing.