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Electric Utility Company

Electric Utility Vs Homeowner – Who Owns What?

If your outside wiring is deteriorated or a storm damages your home's exterior wiring, are you or the utility company responsible for repairs?

In general, the power company is responsible for the street wiring and the wiring up to where it attaches to your house.  Also, they own the (glass) electric meter.  The homeowner is responsible for the wiring as it comes down the side of the house (for most homes without underground service).

The following areas are the homeowner's responsibility:

  • Service hook that holds the overhead wires secured to the house;

  • Wiring from the connections (near the service hook) down to the meter box;

  • Meter box (for PSE&G customers, they provide the meter box but not its installation);

  • Wiring from the meter box to the circuit breaker panel or fuse box.

It should be noted that during repairs, additional work may be required to make your electrical system comply with National Electric Code requirements that have been updated over the years.