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Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathroom Exhaust fans

These fans can be very effective.  To rid a bathroom of unwanted humidity, heat or odors, it's important to consider some important points:

  • A fan can only remove air if there is replacement air coming from elsewhere.  If the room is sealed, true ventilation cannot occur.

  • To be effective, you need to select a fan that can move enough air to clear the room.  Smaller bathrooms can use smaller fans, larger rooms need larger fans.

  • If humidity is a problem and you take long, hot showers, or you use a jacuzzi a lot, you should have a more powerful fan.

  • Some fans make are noisy.  How do you know which to use?  Fortunately, fans are rated with Sones, a measurement of (perceived) sound.  A fan with 2.0 sones is twice as loud as a fan with 1.0 sone.  It can make a difference.

  • The fan must vent to the outside.  The warm and usually humid air can affect the structure and insulation otherwise.

It's important to use the right fan and install it properly.   We have several options, but we usually recommend larger, quieter fans.  In some cases, we will do a fan with more than one 'port' in the room to ventilate the area well.
If you have an old fan that's not working well.  We can sometimes get replacement parts, or we will replace the entire unit.  There's always a solution.