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- Keeping your cool when the going gets hot.

- A/C problem checklist

- Plan ahead for power outages

- LED bulb info on our blog


Stay cool.  Things that help when the summer gets hot.

 Keep heat out of the house.  You're trying to keep the house cool without running the air conditioning too much and creating a big electric bill. 

  • Consider when you run appliances that make the house hot: stove, oven, dryer, and lights.  
  • Remember your choices: microwave ovens create less heat than ovens, LED bulbs only create 15% of the heat of incandescent bulbs.
  • Keep the window shades down on the south and west sides of the house.  The sun's rays have a big effect.
  • Make sure your roof fan is running on those sunny days.


A/C not working?

If your whole house a/c system is not working, click here to go through our checklist. 

If it works but can't keep up, you may need a/c service, or roof fan (or have yours replaced).  Click here.

Power failures can occur anytime during the year.

Being prepared ahead of time is the key.

LED Flashlights and car chargers for your cell phones are simple, helpful items.

If you're thinking about portable or full standby generators, it takes time to get everything in place.  Starting now avoids the last minute rush:

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Whether you have an electrical problem, or just want to know more about your home, you've got help by calling us or checking out all the home information in the Helpful Hints section of our web site.

  • We've got a lot of experience to help you understand your home.
  • Our web site has almost 50 topics that we've written to explain and solve problems in the home

LED bulbs:  buying advice and info, click here.



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